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Tatu and PZ | V-day Contest 2017’s Couple

A few weeks ago I finally had the chance to shoot the free portrait session for the winners of our Valentines Contest – Tatu and PZ.
This shoot was a bit different then other shoots I have done, as they chose a daylight studio outside of D7.
As you can see in the images, there was beautiful natural light, and Tatu and PZ took a lot of effort in preparing props for each scene.
I learned during the shoot that the two have been a couple for a long time and like to do a conceptual shoot every year – so they were very comfortable with the camera, which made my work with them very smooth.. the beautiful light coming through the big glass windows of the studios was another thing that helped ensure beautiful photos.
Congrats again to the winners and I hope you enjoy the images as much as we do!


President Hotel Pre-wedding shoot|Saigon Wedding Photographer

Once a base for hundreds of American GI’s with a swimming pool on the rooftop and then a bustling apartment building for as many families the Building formerly known as President Hotel in Saigon’s Cholon District now stands almost empty and is waiting for its demolition.

I took photos in this Building and many other similar ones in Saigon throughout the years since 2008 and some of them can be seen here.

In late December last year I had the chance to shoot there once again when I convinced Trang and Patrick to follow me for an unconventional pre-wedding portrait session into the now abandoned building.

With the late afternoon sunlight breaking through the old walls and windows I could shoot some great portraits and we had a fun shoot.




Better Pictures On Your Wedding Day : A Helpful Guide


We don’t want you to think we are high maintenance for writing this, don’t worry we are easy going.  We just want to avoid any awkard moments on your wedding day. You’ve paid a lot of money to bring us to your wedding and pictures last a life time so we just want to insure we deliver perfection.  We look forward to your big day.


You are beautiful so we kindly ask that we have the make-up artist do their work by the beautiful light by window, not in some dark bathroom.

photographer or videographer? (if you’ve hired our video team then ignore this part)

We play nice with everyone we work with but it’s important to make it clear what is a priority for you, video or stills. If we aren’t the priority our egos can withstand the pain but if we are let the video team know so they don’t cause a hissy fit. Pictures last a lifetime and moments only happen once :).



We’d recommend you ask them only to photograph the setup, but not the getting ready portion or your ceremony. You have no idea where those pictures are going to end up and they end up in your pictures.



We don’t want to miss any combinations and have a disgruntled auntie coming after us for not being in a family shot. Please print out a list of family combination shots and assign a close friend/family member to help facilitate who’s in what shot.



While most of the day we will be capturing you naturally the portrait session requires you to pose a little. I’ve created a silly but helpful little guide to help you look your best.




Thanks for reading and remember at the end of the day it’s your wedding so only do what you are comfortable with.