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Tatu and PZ | V-day Contest 2017’s Couple

A few weeks ago I finally had the chance to shoot the free portrait session for the winners of our Valentines Contest – Tatu and PZ.
This shoot was a bit different then other shoots I have done, as they chose a daylight studio outside of D7.
As you can see in the images, there was beautiful natural light, and Tatu and PZ took a lot of effort in preparing props for each scene.
I learned during the shoot that the two have been a couple for a long time and like to do a conceptual shoot every year – so they were very comfortable with the camera, which made my work with them very smooth.. the beautiful light coming through the big glass windows of the studios was another thing that helped ensure beautiful photos.
Congrats again to the winners and I hope you enjoy the images as much as we do!



JustinMott-Photo Face-off-TV Banner_4


Every career has a reality TV show nowadays, from chefs to pawn brokers, but what about photographers? When I was asked to be the resident photographer on History Asia’s first home grown reality show about photography, Photo Face-Off, I jumped at the chance.

The show is regional only, filming in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Indonesia. It was described to me as Iron Chef meets Amazing Race. The show has essentially made photography a sport and being a competitive dude I love this idea.

I was confident and maybe a little cocky about my skills because I shoot all kinds of professional photography. I’ve shot over 100 assignments for the New York Times all over Asia, and I also run a successful wedding photography and commercial photographybusiness. I’m use to working under pressure and working quickly.

I was a little worried that my looks might hinder my chances at being selected. The producers had only seen my old biography pictures where I had a full head of hair and was decently fat. The updated version of myself was larger and lets say less hair present. I was later told the Advertising Agency was disappointed that my looks didn’t match my picture; you have to love that Asian honesty.


I slammed an afternoon whiskey at my office to loosen up the nerves and had my friend interview me for my audition video.

I’m a goofy dude and that showed, and the next thing you know a tall fat American photographer was put on TV.

The show pits me up against amateur photographers all over the region and is based on the Canon PhotoMarathon, a popular yearly photography contest in most major cities throughout Southeast Asia.

Through the course of an episode I go head to head against the amateur local photographer in 3 different challenges and we use everything from the top of the line DSLR’s to compact cameras. The playing field is leveled by time restrictions and extreme circumstances like having to get a macro shot of bees without wearing protective gloves. I don’t always win and the show humbled me quite a bit.



MOTT History Channel Profile from Mott Visuals on Vimeo.

The show is part entertainment and part education and it caters to any level of interest in photography. After the show was finished, I got to travel to all the Canon PhotoMarathon events in the Southeast Asia and talk about photography. It’s amazing how many people come to these events — there were thousands. I was enthralled about the passion for photography in Southeast Asia; people are so hungry to learn.

Season 1 was a huge success for the network and Season 2 was just given the go ahead. We start filming in Singapore at the end of this month and I can’t wait to compete.


Trang and Patrick’s Wedding | Hoi an Wedding Photographer

It was in late december, short before Christmas when we had the chance to capture this wedding in Hoi An, Vietnam.

Despite a bit chilly and windy weather everyone was in a great mood and ready to celebrate this beautiful day.


The wedding was held at the Victoria Hoi An .


All images by Christian Berg 2014 – you can see Christians Wedding Portfolio here.


Our First Web Commercial

I’ve been working with the American-based design team Croc & Plover  for years now. They know my brand intimately and they’ve helped me grow my business exponentially through the past few years. When I met them I was working out of my apartment and out of coffee shops and Mott Visuals totaled two employees, myself and my assistant Ngoc. Now a few years later we have 3 offices in 3 different cities along with 10 full-time employees and several Associate Photographers spanning 3 genres of photography and films. A lot of our growth can be credited to them as they helped me with the tools I needed to grow my business and to see myself as a business not just an individual photographer.

Last year I had a unique idea to make a brand film for our wedding business Mott Weddings. I’ve haven’t seen too many wedding photography studios make a film like this and I wanted to do something different. I knew right away Croc & Plover were the right team for the job.

My goal was to make a wedding brand film that would live on the web on our website and across our social media outlets.  I wanted something fun and catchy that showed who we are and our unique style and approach to wedding photography and films. I hoped potential clients would get a feel for who we are in a matter of just a few minutes, not an easy task.  Our team is made of experienced photojournalists who have worked for the largest publications in the world and we all share a love and passion for storytelling through visual means.

Through our collaborative process this is what we came up with, thank you Pika and Jamie from Croc & Plover for helping us tell our story :).



Featured on Grace Ormonde “Real Weddings” | Massachusetts Wedding Photographer

Couple: Leslie and Rob Bateman
Location: Lenox, Massachusetts
Photographers: Justin Mott and Trevor Holden
Copyright: Mott Visuals Weddings

I just received word that our wedding story for Leslie and Rob Bateman was featured on the prestigious Grace Ormonde Real Weddings section. What a beautiful elegant Winter wedding mixed with a wild late night party making our jobs easy with moments and action happening left and right. A big thanks to Trevor Holden (based in New England) for working for us as a second shooter, check out his fantastic work here.

Mott Visuals covers destination weddings worldwide for both film and photography, contact us for a free all inclusive quote.

Here is link to the article and photos: