Our Team Renowned photographers Justin Mott, Aaron Joel Santos, Christian Berg, and Stephen Lam make up our core team of senior partner photographers along with our associate photographers Tim Barker and Nam Quan. Our photographer’s work has appeared on the covers and in the pages of the largest and most prestigious and respected media outlets in the world including The New York Times, TIME, Forbes, Elle, Vogue, Travel & Leisure, Harpers Bazaar, Esquire, The Guardian, to name a few.



Justin Mott | Photographer | Southeast Asia & Beyond

Justin has shot for the New York Times all over the world and is the resident photographer and judge on History Channel’s reality show Photo-Face Off. He has a passion for visual storytelling and considers weddings the ultimate story, striving for unique and creative images with a natural feel to them. At your wedding you might find him climbing rooftops, shooting underwater or from moving vehicles.


Aaron Joel Santos | Photographer | Southeast Asia & Beyond

Aaron’s background in fine art film photography and his current work with magazines and newspapers means you can expect something more from him during your wedding. Something unique and different. Something you’ll want to share with friends and family over and over again.


Christian Berg | Photographer | Southeast Asia & Beyond

Chris is a globally published documentary photographer, known for colorful travel photography and covering social issues. Born in Germany Chris has lived in Southeast Asia for over a decade. When he’s not traveling to shoot weddings or stories, he loves to ride his motorbike through the remote mountains of Northern Vietnam. His love for travel and documentary style means that he will capture your destination wedding in a unique, candid and colorful way.



Stephen Lam | Photographer | San Francisco | Beyond

With an extensive background in photojournalism, Stephen has covered major stories in recent history from natural disasters to presidential campaigns, the occupy movement to the Super Bowl and World Series. Having worked with everything from wildfires to teargas, large groups to individuals, his versatility on site means you can expect him to capture everything from the big moments to the small details. Stephen is bilingual in Cantonese Chinese and proficient in Mandarin Chinese.



Nam Quan |Photographer and Cinematographer | Hoi An | HCMC | Southeast Asia | Beyond

Nam’s passion and creativity ranges from photography, videography, fashion (sneaker fanatic), and motorcycles.  He’s been shooting weddings for 8 years throughout the region and he always looks for moments and emptions in his work.  In addition to wedding photography he shoots commercial photography and documentary projects such as recently photographing Katy Perry for UNICEF. Nam is fluent in English and Vietnamese.


Tim Barker | Photographer and Cinematographer | Southeast Asia & Beyond Tim Barker is an Australian photographer and cinematographer based in Vietnam. Tim has been shooting professionally since 2006. After many years spent living and working around the world, he settled in Hanoi in 2012. Tim works tirelessly on shoots to make sure he never misses a moment. He has an excellent sense of humor, which he uses to create an environment where guests feel comfortable and at ease in front of his camera. His mastery of the Steadicam, along with a quick eye for detail and beauty, allows him to create gorgeous, candid scenes that drift seamlessly in and out of focus, adding a bit of magic to your special day.





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