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Nikki and Bryan’s Destination Wedding in HoiAn

A beautiful wedding put on by the at the scenic Red Bridge Villa overlooking the river in Hoi An.
Nikki and Bryan, a beautiful couple from Australia were wonderful to photograph. Nikki, a stunning bride, she could be cast for a model for a bridal magazine and Bryan, a burly fully tattoo’d dude who pulled off a tux well were wonderful to work with. I could tell Bryan was hesitant to pose for shots, but he was patience with us as we rushed to beat the rain for the portrait session.
The couple was wonderful to deal with and their thoughtful friends and family gave heartwarming emotional speeches.
The party got a little crazy at the end of the night and there  may or may not have been a naked guest dancing and then in the pool, but I’ll leave out those photos and leave it to your imagination
Congrats to the lovely couple and thanks for choosing Mott Weddings to cover your big day!


Destination Weddings: Hoi An

This article was first featured by Vietnam Tourism Board.

For over a decade, I have been based in Vietnam shooting in and around the country, as well as tackling assignments in other far reaches of the globe. I have been fortunate to travel the world with my camera, exploring stunning locales and telling stories with my images. A greater part of my visual narrative happens to focus strictly on destination weddings, namely my role in capturing the most important day of a person’s life in their dream locations. Despite the gamut of wondrous places I’ve shot, Hoi An holds a special place in my heart.

Hoi An has it all: you can lose yourself in the memories of yesterday as you stroll down the bougainvillea draped lanes of Hoi An’s historic Ancient Town. 5-star luxury beach resorts share the beachfront with smaller, but no less charming, boutique properties, offering guests unadulterated access to the tranquil waters of Vietnam’s central coastline. On top of that, the cuisine of this region goes uncontested as the country’s best culinary example. Beaches, culture, and history… what’s there not to fall in love with?

And Hoi An is diversity at its best. This is a community where all are invited, bar none. You’ll see foreigners rub shoulders with Vietnamese and other natives with ethnic ties to Japan, China, and France who have come to adopt Hoi An as their own. It’s a location full of enchantment, which is great for the romance factor, but it also offers a sense of comfort and warmth absent in other destination wedding settings. Here are a list of six reasons why Hoi An should be taken into consideration for your upcoming nuptials.



Palm trees, clean sand, and rocks of varying height and shape add texture to a portrait. Photo by Christian Berg
Craving some intimacy? The maze-like Ancient Town has quiet corners to shelter you from prying eyes. Photo by Christian Berg
If the canary yellow doesn’t work well with your skintone, don’t worry; there are different shades to play with. Photo by Justin Mott

The muted candy coated building of Ancient Town to the palm fringed shoreline are backdrops with an almost-cinema like caliber. It’s as if Hoi An was made for wedding photoshoots!

Photographer’s Tip

Get married along the beach but make sure you take some time to travel into town at sunset for your portrait session. I know it feels counterintuitive to have a beach wedding minus the beach shots, but trust me you will absolutely love having pictures that showcase you surrounded by the traditional culture, colors, and architecture that the Ancient Town has to offer.


Get married during magic hour, right after 3 p.m. when the sun isn’t too harsh. Photo by Justin Mott
Great lighting makes for great black and white shots too. Photo by Christian Berg

The typical Hoi An forecast includes warm sunshine interspersed with breezy drafts. Situated in a tropical climate, Hoi An is on average 29 degrees celsius throughout the year. Avoid September to January when the rains come in and the area is prone to flooding. But come February, the sun will be shining in no time. February to May is considered peak season in Hoi An, while the heat (and humidity) skyrockets from June to August.


Rent a motorbike only if you have prior experience! Don’t want to get into an accident before the big day! Photo by Justin Mott

Reality check: weddings are normally more high-stress than we’d like them to be. In Hoi An, it’s simple to break away from the demands of such a taxing affair. Take a nice motorbike escapade throughout the neighboring countryside. If you’re worried about operating a motor vehicle, cycling is a good alternative.


A modern take on the ao dai, the Vietnamese traditional dress, with romantic lace paneling. Photo by Aaron Joel Santos

Hoi An is synonymous with tailoring. With over 200 tailoring shops in town, you can get every dress in the bridal party custom made and with a minimum turnaround of only two days, this is perfect scenario for any last-minute guest flying in. This all works in favor for the bride if she needs some adjustments day of. Beach location without the loss of a good tailor? This should tick all the boxes on your wife-to-be’s list of non-negotiables.


East meets west. You can have both. Photo by Justin Mott
Come nightfall, Hoi An is always seeped in the warm glow of lanterns hanging overhead. Photo by Justin Mott

In addition to being a beautiful location, the area has a lot of affordable and top-notch vendors. Hankering for a bouquet that features the indigenous array of flora? Looking to be married under a cascade of painted silk lanterns? A full resource guide to the best wedding vendors in Hoi and the neighboring Danang City can be found here.


All faiths can be accommodated in the “Melting Pot” city of Hoi An. Photo by Justin Mott
A rose petal covered walkway is a great substitute for the traditional carpet-lined path. And it’s biodegradable too! Photo by Christian Berg
Splish-splash! The fun never stops when you’re on a beach. Photo by Aaron Joel Santos

What’s a beach wedding without a little sand and surf? Stage your dream wedding on the beach without a flock of tourists ruining your big moment. You can decide to take your after party to the water if you’d like to as well!

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Justin Mott is the founder of Mott Visuals Weddings, a boutique destination wedding photography and film business documenting weddings worldwide. Justin is also an accomplished photojournalist most notably as a frequent contributor to the New York Times.


7 awesome moments from a Persian – Chinese wedding in Singapore

Tim already shared a bunch of impressions from Lynn and Javad’s beautiful and amazing wedding we shot in Singapore over new year – but I really wanted to share some more shots.

Being a 2 day wedding with Persian and Chinese ceremonies and traditions plus a massive ballroom wedding with a crazy after party there was just so much visual input …

So here are 7 awesome moments from this special wedding:

1. Bridal portrait

Although the schedule was tight, I was able to convince Lynn to stand in for a quick portrait before the gate crashing

2. Bridal party

Lots of laughs, lots of brides maids…. lots!


Flowers in the foreground and Singapore in the back – another quick portrait on a packed day

3. Traditional Persian ceremony

Reflections of the groom during the traditional Persian ceremony


Not sure what it is, but it does not look too yummy at all…


No caption needed!

4. Bride and Groom before the parties

Another bridal portrait under the big chandelier outside the grand ballroom of Shangi-La Singapore


Oh, did I mention that the groom had a pretty cool suit?

5. Tea ceremony

Details of the cute tea ceremony set

6. Yum Seng Ceremony

During the traditional Singaporean Yum Seng ceremony, the goal is to yell as loud as possible thrice before consuming the alcoholic beverage. Each toast represents different things. The first for a blissful marriage; the second for eternal love between the couple; and the third for fertility.


… and it is pretty loud…

7. Let’s dance!

later on the party really started


and yes, it got a bit rowdy – even more rowdy then this… but some things better stay private


Find this interesting? Please check out Tim’s earlier post to see more of this wedding..


Valentine’s Day Contest 2017 with Mott Weddings

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Photo by Christian Berg

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Photo by Justin Mott/Mott Weddings

3rd Prize – Couple with an impressive post of Mott’s choice: you will get 02 free Vietnam Airlines round tickets from Hanoi or HCMC to Danang in March for a luxury, wonderful and romantic trip and 01 free night in a well-known 3-star hotel with a stunning view of My Khe Beach in March 2017.




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