By Christian Berg

Christian Berg is a a documentary photographer working in Southeast Asia since 2008 – he joined Mott Visuals Weddings in 2014 and has since then shot weddings all over Southeast Asia and beyond. His work has been published for example in the New York Times and the Wallstreet Journal.

Kelly and Kenny’s Destination Wedding at the Hyatt Regency in Danang, Vietnam

In March Justin and I photographed Kelly and Kenny’s wedding at the super slick and tropical modern Hyatt Regency Resort in Danang, Vietnam.

We have shot quite a few weddings there and this venue really never disappoints. The lush meadow right next to the sea is simply a perfect spot to get married.

A very fun loving couple as you can see.

Here some shots to enjoy:

Photographer’s Tip
A great area for the portrait session is at the other end of the resort (not at the beach) close and around the Spa area.

Crystal and Ernest’s Destination Wedding at Naman Retreat, Danang

This week Aaron and I photographed a destination Wedding at the beautiful Naman Retreat in Danang.
Congratulations to the couple Crystal and Ernest as well as the staff at the Resort to make this a stunning a beach wedding.
Despite strong gusts of wind, it was a moving ceremony and just in time for the most beautiful light of the day. I always like to photograph Chinese wedding ceremonies as with door games, tea ceremony and so on. There is always a lot of stuff happening.
Photographer’s Tip
If you are getting married here, you can actually sneak on the roof of one of the seaview villas to get a few beautiful portrait shots. They are covered with nice lawn.
Wedding Details
Danang, Vietnam
Naman Retreat

7 awesome moments from a Persian – Chinese wedding in Singapore

Tim already shared a bunch of impressions from Lynn and Javad’s beautiful and amazing wedding we shot in Singapore over new year – but I really wanted to share some more shots.

Being a 2 day wedding with Persian and Chinese ceremonies and traditions plus a massive ballroom wedding with a crazy after party there was just so much visual input …

So here are 7 awesome moments from this special wedding:

1. Bridal portrait

Although the schedule was tight, I was able to convince Lynn to stand in for a quick portrait before the gate crashing

2. Bridal party

Lots of laughs, lots of brides maids…. lots!


Flowers in the foreground and Singapore in the back – another quick portrait on a packed day

3. Traditional Persian ceremony

Reflections of the groom during the traditional Persian ceremony


Not sure what it is, but it does not look too yummy at all…


No caption needed!

4. Bride and Groom before the parties

Another bridal portrait under the big chandelier outside the grand ballroom of Shangi-La Singapore


Oh, did I mention that the groom had a pretty cool suit?

5. Tea ceremony

Details of the cute tea ceremony set

6. Yum Seng Ceremony

During the traditional Singaporean Yum Seng ceremony, the goal is to yell as loud as possible thrice before consuming the alcoholic beverage. Each toast represents different things. The first for a blissful marriage; the second for eternal love between the couple; and the third for fertility.


… and it is pretty loud…

7. Let’s dance!

later on the party really started


and yes, it got a bit rowdy – even more rowdy then this… but some things better stay private


Find this interesting? Please check out Tim’s earlier post to see more of this wedding..


At a glance – a beautiful wedding in Phuket

In late December I took a flight from Saigon to Phuket to shoot Vickie and Austin’s Wedding. As usual I had a skype conversation with them a few weeks before the wedding and was really looking forward to meet them, their family and friends. Most people had come a far way from the US, mainly California and NYC and the mood was good.

With about 60 guests in total  this was one of the more intimate weddings I shot which gave a lot of opportunities for candid shots.

The ceremony was held on a small stage on a lawn between pool and the beach and all decorations where stunning – the team of Wedding Boutique Phuket did a fantastic job in organizing this wedding.

It had rained a bit the day before the wedding, but from the moment I arrived at the private villa with stunning garden it did not rain any more and right for the ceremony the sun came out to cast the beautiful light I was hoping for. This also gave opportunity to a quick, but beautiful protrait session at the beach just before sunset. Thanks to the great scheduling skills of Ilaire, the planner, we had exactly the time we needed for portraits at the right moment.

Enough talk, let the pictures speak for themselves..

Photographer’s Tip
The sun here sets right at the beach so a ceremony around 4pm will guarantee the most beautiful light on a sunny day.
Wedding Details
City and Country – Phuket, Thailand
Wedding planner – Wedding Boutique Phuket



Mai’s and Andrew’s Wedding at the Hyatt Regency Danang

It was a beautiful wedding at the Hyatt Regency Danang – despite a terrible weather forecast the sun came out and not only made for a great ceremony but also made a super nice and creative portrait session possible. It was a very emotional wedding filled with tears and laughter, and some of the guests came from as far away as Canada. Have a look at some of our favourite shots below:












(all images by Christian Berg / Mott Visuals)

PS: the beautiful setup was provided and designed by The Planners