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Going to Hoi An for a pre-wedding shoot is more than just taking photos, it’s like bringing people on a tour and as the photographer you are their tour guide.  Hoi An is such a special place and it’s extremely photogenic with all the old architecture, temples, and of course the famous lanterns.

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When a client asks us for a recommendation for the best place to shoot in Vietnam, we always recommend Hoi An first. You can capture the charm of the town along with the beach, best of both worlds.


Hoi An has been photographed a million times and a million different ways. We often see the same shots by some of these wedding factory studios, same shot different couples, one after another like a factory.  We aim to give our clients something new and fresh. I still of course take my favorite shots at my favorite locations that I’ve discovered personally through the years and years of shooting there; after all they are my favorites for a reason.


Each time I’m there I discover something new and each time I’m there I enjoy sharing my view of Hoi An with our clients.
Here are some of my favorite shots from a recent pre-wedding shoot in downtown Hoi An.


Hoi An Wedding Photographer_Mott Visuals Weddings_022Hoi An Wedding Photographer_Mott Visuals Weddings_023Hoi An Wedding Photographer_Mott Visuals Weddings_024Hoi An Wedding Photographer_Mott Visuals Weddings_025Hoi An Wedding Photographer_Mott Visuals Weddings_027




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