Our First Web Commercial

I’ve been working with the American-based design team Croc & Plover  for years now. They know my brand intimately and they’ve helped me grow my business exponentially through the past few years. When I met them I was working out of my apartment and out of coffee shops and Mott Visuals totaled two employees, myself and my assistant Ngoc. Now a few years later we have 3 offices in 3 different cities along with 10 full-time employees and several Associate Photographers spanning 3 genres of photography and films. A lot of our growth can be credited to them as they helped me with the tools I needed to grow my business and to see myself as a business not just an individual photographer.

Last year I had a unique idea to make a brand film for our wedding business Mott Weddings. I’ve haven’t seen too many wedding photography studios make a film like this and I wanted to do something different. I knew right away Croc & Plover were the right team for the job.

My goal was to make a wedding brand film that would live on the web on our website and across our social media outlets.  I wanted something fun and catchy that showed who we are and our unique style and approach to wedding photography and films. I hoped potential clients would get a feel for who we are in a matter of just a few minutes, not an easy task.  Our team is made of experienced photojournalists who have worked for the largest publications in the world and we all share a love and passion for storytelling through visual means.

Through our collaborative process this is what we came up with, thank you Pika and Jamie from Croc & Plover for helping us tell our story :).





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