Featured On Junebug Weddings: Multi-Cultural Weddings with Justin Mott of Mott Visuals Wedding Photography | Bangkok Wedding Photographer

We are honored to be featured on Junebug Weddings this past month. The interview focuses on multi-cultural weddings, a speciality of ours working in Southeast Asia. Our most recent mulit-cultural wedding story was from Thailand where a beautiful artistic couple from American and Thai heritage were married in Bangkok. Our clients often come from different backgrounds and the day is split into two ceremonies to honor both cultures. Read the full interview here:


To see Drew and Chelsea’s full wedding story go to:





  1. Jeremy says:

    Hey Justin, in the midst of planning our pending trip to vietnam I stumbled across your work and only yesterday saw your elephant/swimming image (it is indeed extraordinary)on the BBC news website travel images of the year! Filled me with inspiration for our trip !, love your work!! J

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