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We specialize in pre-wedding and wedding photography but every once in a while we get commissioned for a portrait shoot for an individual. This month a woman in her mid-twenties wanted to spend a day in a foreign city having her portrait taken.  We had a great time and spent the whole day exploring HCMC capturing her personality and the surrounding environment.
After each shoot I always wonder why people don’t do this more often. At first maybe it seems odd to people or perhaps even vain but it really isn’t. Why not celebrate yourself? I’ve been commissioned for numerous editorial shoots to follow people around to be featured in a article. But why wait for a magazine to feature you, feature yourself.
A portrait shoot done thoughtfully is a great way to document your time living in a particular city or region or even just a way to save memories of yourself at a certain age. If I have kids one day I’d love to show them professional pictures of me from my 20’s living in San Francisco or my time in Vietnam. Relationships and marriages can end, but you are always with yourself so why not document yourself. This blog post is starting to sound like a hard sell but truly I hope this becomes a trend. Not just for business, but because I love the product. I think all it needs now is a coined named for it to become commercially successful so for now I’ll call them “One on Ones” until someone comes up with a better name for us to use.
So yes, we are now offering a package for One on One sessions that are customized to suit your personality. They can be done pure documentary style with us documenting a day in your life, portrait style, or a combination of both depending on what you are looking for. Celebrate your individuality and contact us for a free detailed quote.


Slideshow of Cindy Wang’s One on One Session: HCMC, Vietnam




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