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We are proud to have our listing live on Junebug weddings. They are a fantastic resource for couples, have a look here:


They also did an amazing job with our write-up. I want them to write all my promotional material :).

“Celebrating the unique beauty and culture of Southeast Asia, Justin Mott, brings fresh, fashionable wedding photography to couples who are looking for images that go way beyond the traditional, and the ordinary. Understanding the importance of your family history and friendships, his work includes stunning modern portraits that you’ll be proud to frame along with photojournalistic, in-the-moment works of art that are changing the paradigm for wedding photography in the lands that he loves. With years of experience working for the New York Times, an impressive portfolio encompassing weddings, news and travel, and a passion for what’s real and meaningful, it is no wonder he is sought-after far beyond the borders of Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.  “




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