Pam and Nateon | California Wedding Photographer

Pam works at The Northface so it only makes sense that her and Nateon have a love for the great outdoors. The setting for their special day was at a YMCA campsite in the mountains near Santa Cruz. It was my first of 3 weddings to be shot on my one-month trip back to the USA.

The day was just as much about all the activities including archery, rock climbing, and water slides as it was about the actual ceremony.  The atmosphere was light and the crowd a friendly home brewed beer-drinking gang of fun people. I wanted to get an underwater shot of the couple kissing so they made me take a trip down the waterslide before I was allowed to do so. They were way too kind making sure I was having fun too. By mid afternoon I was already burning through my memory cards and backing up images.

The bride’s father and uncle are also wedding photographers so the pressure was on for me to perform.  It’s probably just me but I felt them gazing at me with a watchful eye to make sure I was doing a good job and fair enough on their part.









The day was so much fun and the couple definitely set a new record for the amount of hugs I’ve seen in one day. I hope I made Pam’s father and uncle proud and more importantly I hope I pleased the bride and groom.


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