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May and July have been a whirlwind of both editorial and wedding shoots taking me in country to Hoi An and Nha Trang several times and over to Malaysia, Burma, and Bangladesh. August will be no different with 3 weddings back in the US. We’ve also just finished our new brochures, working on a new book, and a whole new package for our final product.  I haven’t had time to write a new blog post until now. Here I am after 2 days shooting a wedding and pre-wedding in Hoi An overlooking the beach about to gulp down a pretty disgusting mojito with just enough juice in my laptop to write a little.

I booked Andrew and Katie’s wedding through the always-wonderful ladies at Hoi An Events. The plan was as usual, document the whole day from start to finish and tell a story of the couple’s special day. They both look like professional models so I knew they would make my job easy. We started the day at the Boutique Hotel where the men had drinks in the ocean and alongside the pool while the ladies spent the day in their room getting ready having a great time sipping champagne and graciously letting us document the fun.

Things happen slowly to start the day and as a photographer you have time to experiment creatively.  Later in the day things speed up and you only one chance to capture certain moments so you better be prepared.  It can be a tug of war after the ceremony trying to steal the couple and whisk them away for their private portrait shoot. We had done some planning ahead of time because I know that the hour you were promised might only be 30 minutes come game time.

Along with the couple we tried our best to politely shed family members trying to congratulate them and take photos with them so we could set out for downtown Hoi An in time to capture the last bit of sunlight.

We got there just in time to get what we wanted. Katie stressed she wanted a lantern shot so hell yeah I was going to give her lanterns, and plenty of them.

Thank you to Katie and Andrew along with their family and friends for graciously letting Mott Visuals capture you dancing, drinking, celebrating and just plain being merry on your special day. Thanks also to Aaron Joel Santos for working with us as a 2nd photographer and doing a spectacular job.


Here is a look at some of my favorite images from the day.






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