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Babette and Johan May 2012

Location: Hoi An, Vietnam

Venue: Boutique Hotel and Red Bridge

Wedding Planner: http://www.vietnambeachweddings.com/

Most couples I shoot are pretty easy-going people. Occasionally I’ll meet the couple before their actual wedding day but often for destination weddings I’m meeting them on their actual wedding day, possibly the most important day of their life. You never want to be intrusive when you are documenting a special day but you are in their room with them while they get ready with their closest friends and family.

I typically introduce myself, put my bag down, and get right to shooting. I take queue from the couple’s body language and character on how much time they want to give me. Some people just want you to work around them, some are happy to stand, pose, and even jump in the shower for you(not naked of course, more on that later). Either way is okay with me, it’s their special day and I want them as comfortable as possible and I don’t want to get in the way.

From the start I could tell Babette and Johan were relaxed people and the stress of a wedding wasn’t present in their minds. They were willing to give me anything I needed and their body language never suggested they were tired or sick of having their picture taken.

They weren’t so hung up on traditions so they decided to do their private portrait session before the actual ceremony. I understand this isn’t for everyone, but I’ve noticed more couples willing to do this and honestly it creates a more relaxed session and in my opinion better images.

We spent the morning around downtown Hoi An capturing them surrounded by beautiful colors and the architecture of the old town. They were obviously in love and their embrace was so natural it made my job easy.

The ceremony took place at the Boutique Hotel(great venue for a wedding) and the reception at the Red Bridge(another fun location). The wedding was intimate, about 30 people. They took a boat from downtown to the Red Bridge. The boat got stuck a few times in the river but no one complained or stressed out and they just had fun with it.

Babette posed in a shower with her wedding dress for me because the light had a nice soft quality to it being diffused by the frosted glass. She didn’t hesitate, just stood in there and trusted I knew what I was doing. The even were willing to hike out to an abandoned house I had scouted the day before without complaint.

The whole day ran smoothly thanks to the lovely wedding planners who I can’t say enough good things about at http://www.vietnambeachweddings.com. The couple’s families came all the way from Germany and Australia.  The evening ended in an intimate dinner at the Red Bridge followed by everyone relaxing inside the pool.

Thank you to Babette and Johan for letting Mott Visuals be a part of your special day and I wish you two a happy and prosperous future together.

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