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Trang and Patrick’s Wedding | Hoi an Wedding Photographer

It was in late december, short before Christmas when we had the chance to capture this wedding in Hoi An, Vietnam.

Despite a bit chilly and windy weather everyone was in a great mood and ready to celebrate this beautiful day.


The wedding was held at the Victoria Hoi An .


All images by Christian Berg 2014 – you can see Christians Wedding Portfolio here.

Eik and Weilun | Hoi An Pre-Wedding Photographer

Hoi An Wedding Photographer_Mott Visuals Weddings_029

Going to Hoi An for a pre-wedding shoot is more than just taking photos, it’s like bringing people on a tour and as the photographer you are their tour guide.  Hoi An is such a special place and it’s extremely photogenic with all the old architecture, temples, and of course the famous lanterns.

Hoi An Wedding Photographer_Mott Visuals Weddings_028

When a client asks us for a recommendation for the best place to shoot in Vietnam, we always recommend Hoi An first. You can capture the charm of the town along with the beach, best of both worlds.


Hoi An has been photographed a million times and a million different ways. We often see the same shots by some of these wedding factory studios, same shot different couples, one after another like a factory.  We aim to give our clients something new and fresh. I still of course take my favorite shots at my favorite locations that I’ve discovered personally through the years and years of shooting there; after all they are my favorites for a reason.


Each time I’m there I discover something new and each time I’m there I enjoy sharing my view of Hoi An with our clients.
Here are some of my favorite shots from a recent pre-wedding shoot in downtown Hoi An.


Hoi An Wedding Photographer_Mott Visuals Weddings_022Hoi An Wedding Photographer_Mott Visuals Weddings_023Hoi An Wedding Photographer_Mott Visuals Weddings_024Hoi An Wedding Photographer_Mott Visuals Weddings_025Hoi An Wedding Photographer_Mott Visuals Weddings_027

Best Wedding Vendors in Hoi An and Danang, Vietnam | Danang Wedding Photographer

Hoi An Wedding Photographer_Mott Visuals Weddings_010

(Portrait Shoot in Downtown Hoi An, Vietnam.  Photos by Mott Visuals Weddings)

We’ve photographed dozens of weddings in Hoi An and in Danang and many of our clients ask us to help them with vendors so I thought I’d take this opportunity to compile a list of the best of the best.

First off if you are having your wedding or pre-wedding in Hoi An or Danang you’ve made a great choice, it’s the best of both worlds for the charm of the old town and it’s lanterns and architecture to the relaxation and luxury of all the  stunning beach resorts.

We will keep this list updated as we meet new vendors so check back from time to time.


Vietnam Beach Weddings- We have worked with Nadine and Simone for years and we love them. They have lived in the area for years and they have a the know how of locals with the understanding of a western wedding.


ByThuongTran Wedding Planners – We also worked loads of weddings all around Vietnam with this fantastic team as well. Bythuongtran specializes in all kinds of weddings from big to small and all different traditions.



Peter Mahomet – The one and only, look no further. He has lived in Vietnam for over a decade and he has charm and personality like no other. He also understands the flow of a wedding and is a complete professional. He’ll start as your celebrant and finish the wedding as a new friend.

Kim and Mark

(Peter in action, photo by Mott Visuals Weddings)

Contact us for his prices at or




(Interior of Mai Fish owned by Duc and Ly. Photo by Mott Visuals Wedding.)

Mango Mango-This the coolest restaurant/bar in Hoi An owned by the lovely couple Duc and Ly. Both are Vietnamese/Americans who moved to Hoi An to settle down, they’ve opened 3 locations in downtown Hoi An. Their food and cocktails are amazingly delicious and they are the ultimate hosts. Book them for catering of your actual wedding day or for that intimate family or wedding party dinner and drinks before at one of their restaurants. If you want something different and awesome, go see them. Duc has be featured in the New York Times, Lonely Planet, basically everywhere from publications to cooking shows.

Hoi An Wedding Photographer_Mott Visuals Weddings_013

(Photo taken at Mai Fish by Mott Visuals Weddings)  and!mf/c1atz



Mott Visuals Weddings- Of course, because we are the best wedding photographer and videographers in Vietnam and beyond how could I say any different :). Okay, that sounded cocky, check our portfolio and see if we are the right fit for you. We have a team of photographers and videographers who have shot weddings all over the world and all have a background shooting for the largest publications in the world including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNN, BBC, and many more.  Our packages are all-inclusive so you don’t have to worry about expenses. Who ever you choose make sure you try to set aside some time to get some photographs in downtown Hoi An. You had your wedding in Vietnam; you’ll want to remember that you were there. Most of the resorts could be anywhere in the world, ask the photographer to take you into town for the portrait session so you can capture all the charm Hoi An has to offer and so you can have images to remember you got married in a unique location.

Mott Visuals Team

(Our team in action)

Mott Visuals Wedding Photography Thailand Samui Phuket Vietnam Southeast Asia Hoi An USA San Francisco California 007

(Photo by Mott Visuals Weddings) 


Other Options – Okay, to be fair if you really don’t like us or we are booked for your date we are still happy to refer you to some other studios. Email and we are happy to help.



Intercontinental Sun Peninsula Danang- Not only is this the best venue we’ve shot in Vietnam, it’s one of the best in the world. For photography, wow, just wow. Everywhere you turn there is an interesting backdrop with stunning views. The architecture is so unique and playful all done by the famous architect Bill Bensley. Add to that the service standard that is a given at all Intercontinental locations and you have a gem of a location for a destination beach wedding.

Vanessa and Joe

Hoi An Wedding Photographer_Mott Visuals Weddings_019

Sunset Wedding Day Portrait and Wedding Ceremony at Intercontinental Danang. Photos by Mott Visuals Weddings




Hoi Boutique Hotel – For smaller more intimate weddings this resort has a modern feel to it and an excellent pool.

Hoi An Wedding Photographer_Mott Visuals Weddings_017

(Hoi An Boutique Hotel Photo by Mott Visuals Weddings)


Anantara Hoi An – If you want to get married in town instead of by the beach this is a great spot for a wedding and for a party as you are in walking distance to downtown Hoi An. The Anantara brand is a luxury brand throughout Asia and their decor and service is top notch.




Red Bridge-A cooking school by day and an intimate venue nestled alongside the river by night. It’s not a resort, but their arrivals by boat are an experience to remember and the catering and service is always top notch.

Hoi An Wedding Photographer_Mott Visuals Weddings_012Hoi An Wedding Photographer_Mott Visuals Weddings_008

(Red Bridge Wedding. Photos by Mott Visuals Weddings)


Hyatt Regency- A great beach resort able to handle small to huge weddings. The food is top quality and so is the service. They have very modern architecture that creates a perfect natural backdrops for photos along with a great lush green lawn overlooking the  beach, the perfect place for a beach ceremony.

Hoi An Wedding Photographer_Mott Visuals Weddings_014Hoi An Wedding Photographer_Mott Visuals Weddings_009

(Hyatt Regency Danang Photos by Mott Visuals Weddings)




Yaly- Hoi An is famous for their tailors so if want to get the groomsman or brides custom suits or dresses cheap and in rapid turnaround time check out Yaly’s giant location in Hoi An.

Hoi An Wedding Photographer_Mott Visuals Weddings_006

(Photo by Mott Visuals Weddings)


That’s all  for now, but we will be adding more vendors soon in Part 2 of this blog. If you have any questions please post them in the comments sections so we share with our readers.


Justin Mott | Founder of Mott Visuals Weddings

Chris - I think this list should also feature as a potential venue..

Ann Ha - Nothing bests the beach location for wedding.

admin - Hi Chris,

Thank you for your suggestion! We’re always open to update the list!

Weilun and Eik | Hoi An Wedding Photographer

Hoi An Wedding Photographer_Mott Visuals Weddings_Hyatt Regency Danang_008

When the weather doesn’t corporate what do you do? Well, you make the best of it and work hard to capture the best story you can for your clients. Weddings in Hoi An and Danang can be beautiful, but they can also be bombarded with coastal rain. For Weilun and Eik, their families came from Singapore and Taiwan to have their wedding at the gorgeous Hyatt Regency Danang Resort and Spa. The Hyatt Regency is a great location for destination beach weddings with its gorgeous gigantic beach view but on this day the sun didn’t shine.

Unfortunately for Weilun and Eik, the rain didn’t let up all day but she still wanted to some shots on the beach  so we toughed it out and got wet and had some fun doing so. I tried to avoid her getting wet and I took the blunt of it, but kept my cameras dry for the most part.

I feel in the end with their willingness and our willingness we created a great visual story for their wedding day. Thank you to the wonderful staff at the Hyatt Regency and for Weilun and Eik for creating a story within the story by toughing it out and going out to shoot in the storm. Thank you for choosing Mott Visuals Weddings to capture your wedding day.



Bride posing at the beach in Hoi An, Vietnam. Rainy day wedding at the beach.

Hoi An Wedding Photographer_Mott Visuals Weddings_Hyatt Regency Danang_004


Hoi An Wedding Photographer_Mott Visuals Weddings_Hyatt Regency Danang_009


rainy day wedding, destination wedding phtography, hoi an wedding photography(This is where their ceremony was suppose to take place)

Photos and story by Justin Mott/Mott Visuals Weddings



New Service From Mott Weddings | Vietnam Family Portraits and Maternity Photography

We use to offer this service by special request only but as we’ve expanded we are proud to announce that we are now offering full-time different packages for family portraits and maternity shoots out of our offices in HCMC, Hanoi, and beyond . Instead of studio portraits, we have the documentary photographer of your choice spend time in a natural environment either at your home, the park, etc., capturing artistic formal portraits but also natural moments with our candid style.

Our photographers have captured stories for the largest publications in the world including The New York Times, TIME, CNN, and many more, now let them tell your story and capture moments that will last a lifetime.

Here are some samples from a family shoot in HCMC by Photographer Justin Mott.

Quynh and Nam Family Shots by Mott Visuals High Resolution 002Quynh and Nam Family Shots by Mott Visuals High Resolution 015Quynh and Nam Family Shots by Mott Visuals High Resolution 028Quynh and Nam Family Shots by Mott Visuals High Resolution 068Quynh and Nam Family Shots by Mott Visuals High Resolution 106Quynh and Nam Family Shots by Mott Visuals High Resolution 148Quynh and Nam Family Shots by Mott Visuals High Resolution 217 (1)

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